For parents with PLUS loans, recent college grads and graduate students, teachers and anyone with student loan debt...

Meet the Former Queens, New York, Prosecutor Who Can Lead You to Real Relief From Your Lifestyle-Crushing, High-Rate, High-Fee Student Loans, Parent Loans, Grad School and Other Debt

...Discover how she slashed a struggling Long Island family's monthly PLUS loan payment of $4,000+ into $1,100, saving $3,000 per year...times 10 years...legally and ethically


There are dozens of payment relief options available, but choose the WRONG one and you could waste tens of thousands of dollars, or more! Discover the strategy right for you...

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Picture Yourself, Debt-Free...At Last

Dear friend,

If you’re struggling with student or parent educational loans, and things feel hopeless, I have great news:

There are 126 student loan repayment plan scenarios available! 

The bad news...

There are 126 student loan repayment plan scenarios available.  

How is a normal person with a job, family, etc. expected to take the weeks and months necessary to research all these options figure out what to do?

Is the Standard Repayment Plan, Graduated Repayment Plan, Extended Repayment Plan, Pay As You Earn Repayment Plan (PAYE), Revised Pay As You Earn Repayment Plan (REPAYE),  Income-Based Repayment Plan (IBR),  Income-Contingent Repayment Plan (ICR), Income-Sensitive Repayment Plan, you get the point –  right for you?

Real, permanent relief is possible, but the choices are overwhelming.  It's not your fault if you feel stuck.

Not only is this governmental mess of consolidation programs, income-based plans, public service loan forgiveness plans and loan refinancing options incredibly overcomplicated, but it’s an insanely high stakes mess:

One mistake and you wont qualify for -- or you’ll get booted out of the plan you want -- and your monthly payments will skyrocket and you won’t have any realistic way to get back in.  You could waste tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s like a student loan cousin of the Soup Nazi character on Seinfeld:  No payment relief for you!

My name is Andy Lockwood. I've been a college advisor for more than 20 years, which means that I'm in the business of 1. coaching kids to get into college and 2. helping them and their parents qualify for financial aid and merit aid.

I don’t talk much publicly about this, but I racked up more than $100,000 in loans between college and law school.  It took me decades to pay them off.  I had to endure all sorts of mortgage denials, daily calls from creditors and, worse, intense daily stress and pressure. But this note isn't about me.

I met my wife and now business partner, Pearl Lockwood in law school. Pearl's a tough cookie - she was a prosecutor in Queens County, New York, back in the day.

Pearl prepares financial aid applications and loan paperwork for more than 350-400 people per year for our college advisory firm.   

Pearl is also a Certified Student Loan Repayment Advisor, which means that she's an expert on all the repayment options currently available, helping our clients choose the right program for them, and avoid costly mistakes.

Case Study

Here's a recent example:  Pearl showed a Long Island couple with two kids in college, one on the way, who owe more than $400,000 in Parent Loans, how to turn their $4,300 per month payment into $1,100 per month, saving them $3,200 per month!   Or $38,400 per year, if you're keeping score at home.  

And yes, $38,400 per year times 10 years!

Now, Pearl brings an ex-prosecutor’s tenacity and thoroughness on behalf of each client she and her term works with.  She’s a busy lady, but if you get a chance to work with her, you can expect honest, blunt and clearly-explained analysis and meaningful advice about your situation.  

 We offer two programs:

  1. A one hour consultation with Pearl, where she will analyze your financial and student loan situation and make written recommendations as to which strategy or strategies make sense. This can be a standalone, one-off meeting if you want to handle implementing the advice yourself.
  2. A done-with-you, "white glove" personalized program to help you enroll in the appropriate federal or other plan in order to cut your payments and possibly save thousands in interest and/or principal, if forgivable.  A big part of this program is holding you accountable, keeping you on the right path and making adjustments when necessary.

Here's how it works… 

Student Loan Relief

The new programs for undergraduate, graduate school and parent loans are extremely complex.  We will analyze your situation and advise on the best strategy for you to slash your payments and possibly discharge a portion of your loans under the appropriate program.

Free Up Cash

Legal tax strategies, including deductions and credits that you can use to free up the cash flow you need to aggressively pay down your loans...without scrimping your lifestyle.

Build Wealth, Protect Your Future

By paying off your loans years ahead of schedule, you'll save a ton of interest AND free up cash flow to invest and put your money to work and build wealth

Start Your Journey to  Debt-Free and Financial Independence Today

Yes! Let's get started...

What This Isn't

I know.  There's a lot of crap on the Internet about getting out of debt, and the quality varies. And that's generous. 

Here's how the  Yesterday's Debt programs are different than anything else you may have stumbled across:

  • We are not debt consolidation lenders
  • We are not pushing you to file bankruptcy
  • We are not financial planners, selling investments and earning commissions
  • We're not accountants or tax preparers, looking to take over your tax filings
  • We aren't going to magically negotiate or settle your debts (and hurt your credit for years to come)
  • We are NOT advocating that you suddenly adopt a bare-bones, minimalist lifestyle after all these years (cutting up your credit cards and putting them in the freezer, turning down your thermostat to 58 degrees in the winter, clipping coupons for five hours each weekend or eating mac 'n cheese 21 days in a row)

I'm being facetious, but I'll actually concede that those strategies have merit, and it wouldn't kill you to explore them. On your own.

The Yesterday's Debt way is different.

Although it may FEEL like magic  when you use our strategies to get rid of your debts, there's no magic or slight of hand involved.

Simply put, the Yesterday's Debt program advises you on how to 1. lower your student loan payments (parent loans too) through qualifying for one of the new federal programs or consolidating, 2. free up additional cash flow through a combination of tax and financial strategies (you are invited to run everything we describe by your accountant and/or financial advisor) and 3. use that newfound cash flow to aggressively pay down your loans and save for the future.

Sure, it would help if you cut some expenses that you could live without.  That will accelerate your success.  Everything helps. 

But you don't have to go to extremes and dramatically cut back on your lifestyle to succeed in our program. 

You can have your cake and eat it too, in a sense.  Here's how to learn more, and get started:

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P.S. I remember when we figured it all out for our family   That was the day that everything changed.  I finally said goodbye to my student loans.  But that was just the beginning…

Our strategies, blessed by our CPA, immediately lowered our taxes, our health insurance costs and, ironically, our college costs.

With our freed up cash flow, we were able to take care of important financial planning needs, such as buying additional life insurance and other insurance to protect the assets we'd worked so hard to accumulate.

(I know how boring that sounds, but we really wanted to take care of our family in the event I "walked out the door" unexpectedly.)

The best part is that we barely felt ANY change or hardship in implementing The Plan.  It actually was the opposite, once we learned the Rules of The Game... 

We experienced relief immediately.  We now could go out to dinner without sweating the bill.  Our vacations got a little nicer. We even went on an out-of-the-country "Bucket List" golf trip  (that we didn't realize was on our list until we went).

We could invest more in our business, which helped us earn more.  

We could comfortably afford tuition for our four kiddos, even with three (!) in college at the same time.

I was able to splurge for a fancy car for Pearl, because she deserved it for working so hard. (Not new, barely used.  Old habits die hard. :)

So when my accountant suggested that Pearl, he and I partner up to help our college consulting clients and other families escape their crushing student loan and other debts, I didn't hesitate to say YES.

We created Yesterday's Debt to help anyone struggling with their loan payments -- especially college and graduate school graduates -- and their parents -- pay off their college and grad school debt years early, saving a ton of interest...

...and without sacrificing your lifestyle.


Disclaimer (read this):  You, like any reasonable adult, understand that everybody's situation is different. The examples and "success stories" described on this page, while true, are unique.  Your results will likely be different, which means that they could be worse, or better.  Here's our promise:  if you sign up for a consultation and Pearl determines that she cannot help you in a meaningful way, we will promptly refund you without any hassle or hard feelings.  Our reputation is too important to us to do otherwise.